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North American Substance Abuse Program


The Houston Area Safety Council launched the revolutionary North American Substance Abuse Program (NASAP) on August 1, 2004 to ensure that substance abusers cannot enter NASAP Compliant worksites until they have fulfilled rehabilitation, and in some cases, lockout requirements.

HASC Owners and Members can verify NASAP and NABSC Compliance through the HASC GateCheck Application.



North American Background Screening Consortium (NABSC)

Modeled after the highly successful NASAP, the North American Background Screening Consortium (NABSC) is a standardized and reciprocal criminal background screening program, designed to meet Owner site requirements and assist Contractor employers in compliance with multiple site access.



Audiometric Testing

Audiometric testing is an evaluation of an employee's ability to hear. It is required by the OSHA Occupational Noise Exposure Standard, 1910.95, for all employees who work in an environment where their time weighted average is greater than 85 dBA.   



Medical Clearance for
Respirator Use

OSHA requires that a worker be medically cleared to wear respiratory protection. Medical clearance for respirator use (formerly referred to as Pulmonary Function Testing, or PFT) is performed by NIOSH Certified HASC Technicians.

The HASC Occupational Health Services' physician provides medical clearances that are valid for a period of one year.



Respirator Fit Testing

OSHA requires that fit testing and respirator training be conducted annually for all persons required to use respiratory protection. Persons who use respirators also must be medically cleared. OSHA requires that full face respirators be fit tested quantitatively if they are to be used to their full assigned protection factor. All positive pressure face-pieces must be fit tested in a negative pressure configuration.


Social Security Number

Many HASC Owner sites require verification of contractor employee Social Security Numbers prior to entry to the site.

For a list of companies requiring Social Security Number verification, view the catalog of Site-Specific Training course offerings.


Contractor Pre-Qualification Database (PQF)

HASC developed the Contractor Pre-Qualification Database (PQF), a Rich Internet Application that drastically improves the laborious process of contractor pre-qualification while reducing the amount of time and money spent.


Company Badges

For a mere $10.00, HASC can produce your company identification badges. To order badges, register for 19PHOTO.